Art classes are completed for the year.
Student artwork is coming home now! 
Ask to see the projects and listen to the ideas behind them.
Your child is proud of his or her hard work!
Thanks for supporting the
Arts at St. Juliana! 
Check out Artsonia!
Your child's artwork is posted and waiting for you to view it!
You are going to love it!


Use the gifts the Lord has given you!




Every child

is and artist.

The problem is how to remain one

when he/she grows up!

~ Pablo Picaso



Recent Posts

"Wednesday Volunteers" rescheduled date

This Wednesday, April 5, we will not meet at all.  We will meet April 12 at 3:10-4:15 instead.  If you are available on April 12 after school, please join us to do odd jobs that help with the annual student art show. 
The annual art show will be May 12 before and after the Spring Sing performance.

Calling all Parent Volunteers! Art Show is coming!

This is the time of year when many projects are completed and we begin preparations for our annual Art Show.  We start out by doing a few of the odd jobs, like mounting art and assembling stands. Just an hour after school on Wednesdays. If you can help, you are invited to sign up and show up in the art room 3:15-4:15pm Wednesdays. Check out the form: Art Show Volunteer Form
Note that the week of the Art Show is intense and we need as many hands as possible any day, any time May 8-12! Same form: Art Show Volunteer Form

6th grade Egyptian Art Homework

6th Grade Artist, this research assignment is due Monday at Art class if you print it, or emailed to me by Friday.
First ask permission from your parent's to use the internet to research Egyptian gods and goddesses. 
Now create a document with information and images about one or more Egyptian gods or goddesses that interest you. This reference material will help you create a relief sculpture that describes you as pharaoh!
Print out your work, or email it to me by Friday, so I may print it for you. 
Let me know if you have questions!

8th grade Character Sketch homework

8th grade art students, this writing assignment is due to me Friday. I will reply to your email with "approved" or "not approved" and possibly comments. Please name the doc "your name and Character Sketch." 
First, choose one character from one of your favorite novels. Now you must use the book and your feeling for that character to answer these questions:
who is the character and from what novel?
why do you want to portray this particular character?
list his or her physical characteristics (be specific and descriptive)
list the character's personality traits (these help define the person and give reason for their actions)
now, describe 3 different settings from this novel, important, pivotal parts of the story. They must be completely separate places/events.
email your work to me at laugustin@stjulianaschool.org
your name, and Character Sketch in subject line

Artsonia is here!

Hello Artists (aka parents and students), 
Let me introduce Artsonia, the online gallery of OUR student's artwork. Participating in Artsonia provides these benefits, and more:

Student artwork will be featured on their own page. You may invite family and friends to view and give positive feedback.

Students have an ongoing digital portfolio of their artwork.

Our students practice language arts skills and technology skills by using their gallery page.

You may help support our Art program by ordering items with student artwork (any of your student's artwork may be used)– Artsonia replaces the art fundraiser we have used in the past.

This is an exciting opportunity!  Look for information regarding permission and registration in your Art Info and Rules. 

- Mrs. Augustin 

Sign up for Summer Art Classes here

There is space available in some of the Summer Art Classes!! 
July 5 and 7 Clay and Wire.  July 27 and 28 Drawing and Painting.  Two age groups to choose from.  See the registration form here for more info and to register.
Spread the word...  Summer Art is the best!!

Thank you to all the Art Elves out there!

You know who you are :)  Thank you for another very successful art show.  It couldn't possibly happen without all the wonderful helpers who offer their time to mount artwork and trim backgrounds and ink missions and construct dozens of banners.  My heartfelt thanks.  - Mrs. Augustin