Thank You!

Thank you to Bob Mosey, Luis Padilla, and Jesse Alvarez for our table dividers in the art room.  Bob Mosey of Moseys Production Machinists designed, produced, installed, and donated all the table dividers in our art room. Luis Padilla of Electron Plating put the “Falcon” red anodizing on the holders. Jesse Alvarez of Dr. Deburr put on the finishing touch of the laser engraving of the school logo on each piece. We thank all of these individuals for their help in keeping our faculty and students safe.


Bob and his wife, JoAnn, are parents to 2 students who graduated from St. Juliana school. Bob is still involved at St. Juliana Church, and JoAnn helps Mrs. Augustin every year when the annual art show is being assembled. We thank Bob for putting all this together, and for his continued support of St. Juliana School.


Moseys Production Machinists - Bob Mosey, owner 

His shop did the design and production. Bob purchased/donated the materials.

1550 Lakeview Loop

Anaheim, CA  92807-1819


Electron Plating – Luis Padilla, owner

His shop did the red anodizing

13932 Enterprise Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92843


Dr. Deburr – Jesse Alvarez, owner  

His shop did the laser engraving of the school logo on each piece.

12906 Halldale Ave, Gardena, CA 90249

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