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Wisdom is to see the world through God's eyes!
- Pope Francis




Every child

is an artist.

The problem is how to remain one

when he/she grows up!

~ Pablo Picasso




Recent Posts

After School Art Class

Beginning January 23, art classes will be offered after school!  In this very first session of classes 5th -8th grade students will come together for an hour to exercise their creativity and to polish up art skills.  Drawing and painting techniques will be our focus.  
Sign-ups have begun and spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis. 20 students maximum.  A sign-up form came home in the Monthly newsletter.  I will post it digitally as soon as possible. 
Art Rocks!

Third Grade Art - Request for “supplies”

Hello Artistic Weavers,

We will be adding to our 3rd grade weavings to make them even more beautiful and interesting. It’s good to have many different choices!

Bring to class on Thursday small items that you can string to your weaving.(CHECK WITH MOM OR DAD FIRST)

Some ideas:

- bits of interesting twigs or other pretty bits of nature that you think you can attach to your weaving. Look around your backyard.

- Stones or silver and gold color parts of old costume jewelry – Each piece needs to have its ring or large hole so it can be attached with yarn to your weaving.  Ask Mom if she has some unmatched earrings or a broken necklace.

- small shells with a hole so they can be attached to your weaving. Maybe a bracelet that is broken.

You may bring extras to share with your classmates, if you like.

Have fun scavenging!

Mrs. Augustin

Here are the rules for the Johne Wayne Airport Art Contest.  Please get a registration form from Mrs. Augustin in the Art Room.

Page 1

28th Annual, John Wayne Airport, Student Art Contest

Create a picture that illustrates this year's theme Flying in the Future.

Winning artwork will be displayed at John Wayne Airport.

Materials: 11x17 paper (no border, frame or mounting)

Permitted: Crayon, watercolor, acrylic, color pencil, indelible marker pen, felt tip pen, ballpoint pen.

Not permitted: Digital art, pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, chalk, glitter or collage work involving photocopies.

Category 1: Grades K-6

Category 2: Grades 7-12

Entries (finished artwork and completed entry form) are due to Mrs. Augustin by October 27.

Winners will be announced December 1, 2017

Our first 2 weeks of Art classes have been a great beginning. The projects are under way; the students are really focusing on meanings and expression in their artwork.  
1st grade is using line and shape in their radial designs.  2nd grade heard the story of Henri Rousseau and are making jungle artworks.  3rd grade is painting a heavenly Angel to learn more about watercolor, 4th grade has Matisse on their mind, using scissors to create an inspired artwork, 5th grade is learning to use Gustav Klimt's combination of pattern and realism as well as to make a human figure move in art, 6th grade created cave art to better understand the culture that surrounded ancient people and has moved on to personal symbols. 7th grade has begun a portrait of their favorite saint, learning the proportions of the human face, 8th grade drew eyes of many colors and types to express "seeing through God's eyes". They move on to Pop Art and self-portraits next week. Kindergarten will begin on Monday!

Artsonia is here!

Hello Artists (aka parents and students), 
Let me introduce Artsonia, the online gallery of OUR student's artwork. Participating in Artsonia provides these benefits, and more:

Student artwork will be featured on their own page. You may invite family and friends to view and give positive feedback.

Students have an ongoing digital portfolio of their artwork.

Our students practice language arts skills and technology skills by using their gallery page.

You may help support our Art program by ordering items with student artwork (any of your student's artwork may be used)– Artsonia replaces the art fundraiser we have used in the past.  You may order at any time!!

This is an exciting opportunity!  Look for information regarding permission and registration in your Art Info and Rules. 

- Mrs. Augustin