Welcome to the Science Home Page!

My name is Mrs. Plumly, formerly Ms. Catano, and it is my third year here at St. Juliana School. It is going to be a new and exciting year here in the lab.  I cannot wait to have students back in my classroom.  A big, big, big thank you to all of our amazing school families for choosing Saint Juliana and the incredible young people I have the opportunity to educate.

Our science program here at St. Juliana is utilizing the Beckman Science Program. Thanks to the hard work of many, through grant writing, Beckman supported St. Juliana and so began a science program that uses inquiry and hands on learning as its core values. We are also continuing to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into our curriculum. It will continue to be a slow shift into an even more student centered learning experience. The Beckman Program has laid a wonderful foundation for student discovery and an arsenal of resources which will lend itself beautifully to the Next Generation Science Standards.  I am excited to continue to adapt and teach using the NGSS to help create self-directed scientists.

* Note ALL HOMEWORK WILL BE POSTED THROUGH YOUR STUDENTS CLASSROOM TEACHER.  Each teacher has a slightly different form and to make it easier for consistency the classroom teacher will post any homework with any other work they may have for the evening.
Long term assignments will be posted in the corresponding grade level tab on my page along with any necessary documents.
 *Important Announcements*
We will be starting Robotics in late October/Early November. More information will be coming out as we get closer to the club start date.
ALL LATE/ABSENT WORK DUE 11/9 IN MY BOX by the end of the school day @2:35pm
*Office Hours*
Wednesday 3-3:45
All students are welcome.  I just ask that I have notification before hand.  An email or a student message during class are both acceptable.  If I have a meeting I will notify students on Monday with an alternate day for office hours.