DLHello Kindergarten!
Your assignments during our "distance learning" period will be listed here. Please check back every Thursday for updates! I have bookmarked some of the links you will need for your assignments below. If you remember how to do so, or with the help of a parent, bookmark this page on the device you will be using so that you can access it quickly! 
I hope you are all staying healthy and safe!  I miss you!
Ms. Palos
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April 2, 2020 (Due April 23, 2020)
You will work on your keyboarding skills this week.  Click on TYPING MAT
Level 1 starts with a review of home row keys.  (Please see Keyboarding reminders below in BLUE)
In this level, you will practice typing the keys on the home row as well as letters e, i, r and u.
Stage 1:  f  d  s  a  j  k  l  ;  g  h
Stage 2:  e  i
Stage 3:  r  u
If you have not completed your coding lesson from last week, please continue working on it and we will resume with lessons after Spring Break.  If you would like additional practice you may continue working on the Pre-Reader Express lesson. You can use THIS LINK to log in.
Miss you all!!!
Keyboarding Ergonomics Reminder: (I know you are at home but please try to find a place where you can practice proper posture and technique)
  • Position feet on floor for balance (don't cross).
  • Body centered in front of the computer
  • Sit up straight
  • Adjust chair so you are a "hand span" away from edge of keyboard.
  • Elbows naturally by your side
  • Curve fingers over the home keys
  • Wrists low, but not touching the keyboard
  • Keep eyes on printed copy
  • Key by touch
  • Key with a smooth rhythm
March 26, 2020 (Due April 8, 2020)
Parents, For the next few weeks, your child will be working on coding in their accounts. They must use THIS LINK to log in, find their name and sign in with their "secret picture" - if they do not remember their secret picture please email me.
Once logged in the following lessons should be completed:
Course A
  • Lesson 1: Going Places Safely - Learn the rules to safely visit places online.
  • Lesson 2: Learn to Drag and Drop - Click and drag to finish the puzzles.
  • Lesson 3: Happy Maps - Write instructions to get the Flurb to the fruit.
  • Lesson 4: Sequencing with Scrat - Program Scrat to reach the acorn.
  • Lesson 5: Programming with Scrat - Write programs to help Scrat reach the acorn.
  • Lesson 6: Programming with Rey and BB-8 - Help BB-8 collect the scrap metal.
If they finish the lessons above and would like additional practice, they may continue working in the lesson we began together in class: Pre-Reader Express 
They may also visit ABCya and practice some additional mouse and keyboarding skills by choosing one of the activities of their choice.  Please note this site will only work on a desktop computer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me
  1. Dance Mat Typing
  2. ABCya
  3. Hour of Code - Log in with your secret picture!
STAR Test Prep / Mouse and Keyboard Skills: Sites visited during technology class to improve mouse and keyboard skills, as well as review early literacy skills.
  1. Recognizing Shapes
  2. Same or Different
  3. Location of Objects
  4. Counting Objects
  5. Counting / Number Recognition
  6. Listen and Choose - Animals