2nd Grade

DLHello, my 2nd-Grade Friends!
Some of your lessons will be assigned through Google Classroom and some will be posted here.  Check back every Thursday for 2nd-grade updates. I have bookmarked some of the links you will need for your assignments below. If you remember how to do so or with the help of a parent, bookmark this page on the device you will be using so that you can access it quickly! 
I hope you are all staying healthy and safe!  I miss you!
Ms. Palos
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March 26, 2020 (Due April 1, 2020)
This week we will be working on the following all in typing.com.
  • 3 Keyboarding lessons
  • 1 ONE minute keyboarding test
  • 1 Digital Literacy lesson
When you log into typing.com you will see the following, click on START to begin each part of your assignment.
  • In addition, practice logging into your Google Classroom account 3 times a day, until you can type your username and password set in under 45 seconds. Use a timer like we have practiced in class!
Keyboarding Ergonomics Reminder: (I know you are at home but please try to find a place where you can practice proper posture and technique)
  • Position feet on floor for balance (don't cross).
  • Body centered in front of the computer
  • Sit up straight
  • Adjust chair so you are a "hand span" away from edge of keyboard.
  • Elbows naturally by your side
  • Curve fingers over the home keys
  • Wrists low, but not touching the keyboard
  • Keep eyes on printed copy
  • Key by touch
  • Key with a smooth rhythm