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School Overview

St. Juliana Falconieri School was opened in 1958 under the name St. Mary’s Annex when the local area was part of St. Mary’s parish.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange was the founding order.  In 1965, St. Juliana Parish was recognized as a separate entity.  That year Rosary High School was also established and built on a section of the parish property.   The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange withdrew from the school in 1987, leaving an entirely lay administration, faculty, and staff. 


The pastors and priests of St. Juliana Church have been very supportive of the school. They support and encourage development of our academic and spiritual environment. The Servite order gained administration of the parish in 1993. The priests attend various social and academic functions, support our after school sports teams, and join us on the annual eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C.

A capital campaign for the parish, which included school renovation, construction of a Parish Center, and church retrofitting began in 2000.  The school reconstruction was completed in the summer of 2001.  The Parish Center construction was completed in 2009.  The east wing of the school building, once used as an all-parish meeting area, was returned solely for school use.  The science lab remained in the modular classroom and the art lab moved into the main building.  The library was moved across the hall and doubled in size. The Parish Center is composed of a multi-purpose room for athletics, stage productions, large storage area, industrial kitchen, four meeting rooms, and parish offices.  A portion of the garage area is used for St. Vincent DePaul food storage and distribution.


The school plant consists of one main building with two wings, a large Parish Center shared between school and church, and one modular classroom.  The school plant includes nine classrooms, kitchen, Parent Club scrip room, office, health room, library, technology lab, music room, art room, science lab modular, Extended Care room, and a room for the California State University Fullerton Newman Center, which also is used as a classroom for 7th & 8th grade mathematics for two periods per day.  Additionally, three small resource rooms allow students the opportunity for pullout instruction, on-site counseling, and speech therapy.  Outdoor areas include a large grassy field, primary playground area, basketball courts, and a sun-shaded lunch pavilion. 

The school recognizes that the parents are the primary educators of their children. The parents are very active in the school and parish community. They volunteer a minimum of forty hours per family in support of the school. The Parent Club is the main fund raising arm of the school and acts in a consultative capacity, with the Finance Committee, aiding the principal in decisions affecting the school community. Parents also serve on the Parish Pastoral Council, as well as the Stewardship, Facilities Maintenance, and Finance Committees.


Thousands of children have been offered an excellent education since St. Juliana Falconieri School opened its doors more than 50 years ago.  St. Juliana Falconieri School is an energetic and thriving community that maintains both its traditions of academic excellence and its vision for a bright future in Catholic education.


St. Juliana Falconieri School underwent a Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) accreditation in March of 2021.  “In recognition of the quality of Catholic Education and the commitment to continued student learning, the WCEA Accreditation Association Commission awards this Certificate of Accreditation and its congratulations.”  Our school is accredited by WCEA through June 30, 2027.