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Information about to FACTS

To log in, visit FACTS Family Portal


  • Enter District Code SJF-CA, User Name, and Password
  • Returning parents use the same login as last year
  • New parents use the log in created during the enrollment process


Multiple failed login attempts will lock your account. To reset, please email the contact for your school listed at the bottom of this page.


Additional Parent Account:
If an additional parent would like to have their own account, a separate email address is required for each Portal account. If there is no email in the system for the new user, a current user must enter the additional email using the Student Demographic or Custodial Parent Web Forms. Please allow the school two days for the email address to be updated in our system before setting up the new Family Portal account.
After the email address is updated in our system, go to the FACTS Family Portal login pay, and click Create New Family Portal Account at the bottom. 


Student Account:
Students can create a separate account using their own email address. This only shows academic information specific to that student, not siblings. If you do not have an email address for your student and would like them to have their own account, please contact the school.


To view the Directory in the Family Portal, on the left-hand side, click School > Directory
To Edit What Shows In The School Directory:


In the Family Portal, on the left-hand-side, click Family > Family Home

View Family Members in the drop-down menu at the top

To view or change the settings, next to Preferences click the pencil icon


 Areas That Can Be Modified Using A Web Form:

  • Student Demographics
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Medical Form 
  • Custodial Parent Form 
  • Grandparents Information
  • Transportation (Pick-Up) Form

To Access Web Forms

On the left side of the Family Portal, click School > Web Forms

Click Family Demographic Web Forms, and select the area to edit


To set Preferences, select Custodial Parent Form, and scroll down to Parent Preferences to edit:


  • Progress Report Emails
  • Parent Emergency Alert


Changes to Web Forms are reflected in the system within two school days. Any CustodialEmergency Contact, or Transportation changes update all linked family accounts.

Please Note: If your contact information changes, you must also update your information in your FACTS Financial Account as Web Forms do not update in that area. 




To view the staff email list in the Family Portal please log in to your FACTS Family Portal account. On the left-hand side, click Resource Documents> Staff Emails

If you have any questions regarding the FACTS Family Portal, please contact:
Mrs. Young at 
[email protected]