Principal's Message

May 7th 2024



Dear St. Juliana Parents:


“The Virgin Mary, therefore, educates her child to realism and strength in the face of obstacles that are inherent in live itself and which she herself suffered by sharing in the sufferings of her Son” ~Pope Francis

As we transition into the month of May, marked by an array of events and preparations, please consult the calendar for important dates and activities important to your family. On the evening of May 17th, we are delighted to announce our Spring Sing and Art Show, promising an evening overflowing with enjoyment and community spirit.

May, celebrated as the month dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, offers us a profound opportunity to reflect on her exemplary virtues. As Pope Francis clearly expresses, she epitomizes simplicity and fortitude in confronting life's inevitable challenges, mirroring the tribulations she endured alongside her Son. Let us follow her unwavering acceptance of God's will and steadfastness in our convictions as parents and mentors to our children.

Central to this observance is the Rosary, a prayer intimately associated with Our Blessed Mother. We encourage you to share in this sacred devotion with your family throughout the month, fostering a deeper connection with our faith and the guiding principles it instills.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt blessings to you and your loved ones, trusting that the grace of this sacred season will illuminate your lives with peace, strength, and unity.


Dr. Manuel Gonzales Jr.