Principal's Message

Our plans for reopening a safe and healthy school will always be evolving as data and information becomes available. In addition, as part of quality assurance, we will continue to audit and re-evaluate our internal processes so that all  guidelines are being followed on a consistent basis. Working together as a community and embracing our Core Values of Respect and Responsibility, we can continue to put into practice those measures that look after one another and the well-being of all in the school community. Although we are doing a great job with masking and physical distance, there are some areas we would like to highlight: 

  • When to keep your child homeinformation hand-out will be included in the monthly communication. There is also a short video on our school website.
  • " Juliana Catholic School Reopening Plan" for this school year, page 3 addresses face coverings.
  • Students at recess, lunch, and PE will be asked to wear mask unless they can achieve and maintain six feet of physical distance. This is consistent with our Health and Safety Protocols and live stream discussions. 
  • If students participate in activities at recess where 6 feet of physical distance can be achieved, they will have the option of removing their masks.
The guidelines for our reopening plan come directly from the California Department of Public Health and these guidelines continue to inform our decisions. I want to thank you again for your partnership as we continue to build a safe and healthy school community for our students and staff members.


We have purchased breakaway mask lanyards for each student. This will help to keep the masks clean and help avoid the risk of contamination.


Finally, if your child is ill and needs to quarantine or isolate, please allow 48 hours for the teacher and Remote Learning Coordinator to move your child into that program. This will give the teacher the time necessary to gather materials.



Manuel Gonzales, Jr. Ed.D.