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All pertinent information for sports, schedules, game changes, seasonal information, and forms can be found on the school’s webpage under Athletics.  All Parochial Athletic League information (PAL), the organization our school participates in for sports, can be located on the website:    St. Juliana School participates in the North League. 


The philosophy of St. Juliana Falconieri School for after school sports is an extension of the overall philosophy of the school.  Through athletics we help prepare the student for a full participation in adult life.  We, as coaches and school officials, seek to develop the values, which determine the athlete’s relationship with self, others, and ultimately with God.
Attitudes, such as good sportsmanship, team spirit, respect (of oneself, one’s teammates, and opponents), responsibility, and wholesome appearance of victory and defeat are emphasized in order to enable the athlete to know himself/herself and as a result foster the development and expression of Christian values in everyday life.
    Participation in the school’s organized sports program is voluntary.  It is a privilege, not a right, and the participant has the responsibilities of courtesy and sportsmanship on the playing field and at school.  St Juliana School sees the organized sports experience as a platform to develop athletic, moral, spiritual, and social skills of each participant.


CONDUCT    An athlete is representing St. Juliana School and it is expected that he/she will do so with pride.  This means being respectful to: other teams, players, coaches, officials, and spectators. This also extends to the facility and equipment belonging to the school they are visiting.  Players are asked to dispose of any trash before leaving the site, especially in the gym.  No gum chewing is allowed.
Parents as spectators are expected to show the same respect and courtesy toward another school’s players, coaches, officials, and spectators.  Parents are not to interfere with a coach or officials during a game.  Parents are not to coach from the sidelines. Siblings are to be supervised by parents at all times during both home and away games. Siblings are not to be sent to the gym, courts, or field at the end of the school day to watch a practice or wait for a parent to show up for a game.  They will be sent to daycare.  8th graders with a note from a parent may watch the game unsupervised as long as they sit to watch the game and stay in the playing area.  If a student has left school and then returns to watch the game they need to be dressed appropriately according to the school dress code guidelines.   No dogs allowed at practices or games. 


Games begin at  3:45 or 4:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Allow 1 hour for all games except softball, which has a time limit of 1 1/2 hours.  Teams play tournaments during the season on weekends and over Christmas vacation.  “A” teams play in post-season playoff tournament.


Athletes must maintain a 70% grade average and no grades/conduct grade below a 70%.  Fall eligibility is determined by the third trimester report card from the previous school year.
An athlete needs to be academically eligible before each sport season begins.  Failure to meet this requirement during the sport season will result in probation for a one-week period during which time the student may not practice or play in games but will have an opportunity to raise his/her grades.  The student is encouraged to attend tutoring and individual teacher’s study sessions.  Continued failure to meet this requirement will result in dismissal from the team.  Grade checks are made at the beginning of each season, the end of each trimester, progress report time, and periodically during each sport season.  Any athlete receiving more than 3 detentions during the season may be dismissed from the team.


Detentions are served on Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to notify his/her coach the day before a detention is served.  No athlete will be dismissed from a detention or have a detention postponed because of a game or practice.  An athlete may not wear his/her uniform in detention.  If a detention is on a game day, and it is an away game, it is the athlete’s responsibility to find transportation to the away game.


All 7th and 8th graders that meet eligibility requirements may try out for the “A” team.  6th graders may try out for the “A” team if there are not enough 7th and 8th graders to form a team.

All 5th and 6th graders that meet eligibility requirements may try out for the “B” team.
No “B” players will be brought up to an “A” team during the season or playoffs if there are enough “A” players to field a team.


All athletes and parent/guardian will sign a Athlete/Parent Contract and Player’s Agreement form adhering to policies as stated and pay a fee of $75.00 each seasonal team the athlete is playing on.  All forms and fees are due at the beginning of each season that the athlete participates in.  The PAL form to participate in athletics is included on the emergency form, signed by parent/guardian the first day of the new school year.  This form needs to be on file the first day of fall practice or the athlete does not participate.



All athletes are expected to attend all practices unless they have an excused absence, i.e. doctor, dentist, study sessions, or tutor appointment, or ill and left school before 12:00 p.m.  Practices are held Monday-Thursday.  This is subject to change due to weather and school holidays. Athletes are expected to stay for the entire practice.  If an athlete will not be at a particular practice, it is his/her responsibility to let the coach know ahead of time.  More than 3 unexcused absences from practice will result in dismissal from the team.


Every student choosing to participate on a school team is required to make a full commitment to the school team.  This means that he/she is to be at all practices and all games.


An athlete may not start a game if he/she did not attend practice the day before a game.  PAL rules state that on a day when school is in session, a student must be in attendance by 11:10 a.m. to participate in the game that day.


Students are to show the same respect for coaches as they are expected to show all other school faculty.  All athletes are to show respect to fellow athletes.  A coach may issue a detention or sit a player during a game or practice for inappropriate behavior.


Practices are held at St. Juliana School.  When necessary, Rosary High School field or gym may be used.


If an athlete is under a doctor’s care for an injury, a Medical Release signed by a doctor is required for an athlete to return to practice.


It is important that the athlete comes prepared for practice with appropriate clothing and equipment.  Shorts that are too tight, too short, or made of spandex are not appropriate and the athlete will be asked to change back into their school shorts. Shorts should not be more than 3 inches above the knee. Sleeveless shirts as well as shirts that are too short are not to be worn.  All athletes must have athletic shoes (i.e. tennis) for practice.  Rubber cleats for football and softball are required.  Softball gloves, knee pads for volleyball, and mouth guards for flag football are provided by the athlete.  No flag football player will be allowed to practice or play in a game without a mouthpiece.


Practices begin at 3:00 p.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  Under the supervision of their respective coaches, teams change in the school bathrooms.  No loitering in the bathrooms.  Athletes are not to be on the field, gym, or courts without supervision of a coach or assigned parent.

Coaches and athletes are the only individuals allowed to attend practices.  Siblings not involved with the team may not stay at a practice site. They will be sent to daycare.  Any student not a member of the team may not assist the coach.  Parents may observe the last five minutes of practice.  However, they are not allowed to interfere with the running of practice.
Athletes will be permitted to notify parents by 12 noon if possible of any change in practice or game schedule due to weather, illness of coach, or any unforeseen circumstances. Also, check the school website for changes.

Coaches are required to supervise students 10 minutes after the time stated for the end of practice.  Students not picked up after this time will be escorted to extended care for supervision.  The parent, according to Extended Care policies, must pay any fees incurred.  Any athlete walking home is to leave the school premises immediately after practice.    

SAFETY    6th graders that are serving on Safety at the carpool lanes may not change Safety days because of practice or a game.  Please let your coach know what your Safety schedule is ahead of time, especially if your Safety day falls on an away game day.  The athlete will change into his/her uniform after Safety is completed.



All drivers must be 21 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license, be a parent/guardian of the athlete, live-scanned fingerprinted, and complete the safe awareness certificate. Team parent coordinates driving arrangements.  All drivers must provide a copy of current driver’s license and current insurance coverage information reflecting a minimum $100,000 liability.   This needs to be filed in school office prior to first game of each season.   All vehicles transporting athletes to games must have a working seat belt for each athlete being transported.  No athlete will be double belted. 
All drivers must carry a green emergency form for each athlete that is being transported.  These forms are given to the driver or athlete from their respective coach or team parent.  Drivers are responsible for returning athletes to St. Juliana School if parent does not attend an away game.  If a parent is not at the school upon returning from an away game, the athlete will be checked into Extended Day Care and the parent will be responsible for the appropriate fees.
    On days when it is necessary for athletes to leave school early for away games, especially during playoffs, when more travel time required, a form will be sent home informing parents of this situation, requiring parent/guardian signature.  They will then be released to the appropriate driver for the game.


St. Juliana School Sports Awards Night for A teams is held during the last week of May, recognizing coaches and athletes, and recapping seasonal sports.  B teams and coaches are recognized at the end of each season.

                        TEAM PARENT

Each team will provide a team mom/dad who assists the coach in planning transportation, snack schedule, e-mail updates, and any pertinent information for that season.
A team parent earns 5 hours of volunteer times; snack donation is 1volunteer hour and maximum 2 hours per season for driving.  Hours are recorded in Volunteer Book in the school office.


All athletes will be issued uniform jersey and shorts for each season.
The Athletic Director issues uniforms at the beginning of each season.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to care for the uniform.  Laundered uniforms are due back to the Athletic Director one week after the last game has been played for that team. Uniforms MUST be washed in cold water and line dried.  Failure to return the uniform after one week will result in a detention for responsibility.  If a uniform has been lost, the cost of the uniform will be assessed to the athlete.


 No athlete is to borrow another athlete’s uniform.  No uniform will be loaned out to an athlete who has forgotten their uniform.  An athlete may not play in a game if he/she does not have appropriate uniform, mouthpiece, or shoes.


Athletes may not wear any form of jewelry in a game or practice, including watches, rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Medical bracelets are acceptable. Band-aids may not be worn over pierced ears. NO EXEPTIONS. Metal clips, bobby pins, or ribbons in hair are prohibited.