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Parent Club Mission Statement


“The mission of the Parent Club is to support our school (its students, principal, faculty, staff and pastor) through fundraising, other acts of Stewardship and fostering a cooperative environment from which to carry out our work.”

Guiding Principles

A faith based education is a potent combination to insuring that learners use their skills in a manner consistent with the Will of God.

As Stewards of a new creation, it is our purpose to share our God given gifts for the betterment of others.

The current state of education requires cooperation and understanding between parents, faculty, staff and the community to insure that students reach their potential.

Catholic schools, as the standard bearers of education, are in need of long term predictable sources of income that go beyond tuition to insure long term viability and access.

Parents and Faculty must have a forum to exchange ideas and help advance the mission of the school.

The Parent Club should create meaningful goals to provide membership more explicit purpose and focus.