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Mary's Journey

Dear Families,

I wanted to share with you how Mary’s Journey began, and how we will continue this beautiful and simple rosary prayer devotion at our parish school. Mary’s Journey began on February 4, 2002 with a visit to the Vaccher family, and then on to the home of Deacon Jay Milam. A few women dedicated a statue of Our Lady of Grace, which represents the Virgin Mary at the time she was greeted by the angel as “full of grace” to St. Juliana School. The statue was dedicated in memory of Marlene Vaccher and Cecilia Milam, both of whom shared a deep devotion to Our Blessed Mother and our Catholic faith. With Father Jude and Mrs. Santoni’s approval, Mary’s pilgrimage began at our parish school. Families were invited to take Mother Mary home and pray the rosary with their families. We would like to continue this beautiful ministry at our parish school. Beginning in February, a classroom will be hosting the statue of Our Lady for two weeks. We will begin with kindergarten, and finish the school year with 8th grade. If you are interested in hosting Our Lady’s statue in your home for the weekend, please fill out the attached information sheet and send it to school with your child. The teachers will place your request form in a special box given to them during their hosting period, and choose two families at random (per grade level). If you sign up and your name is not chosen, please know that Mary’s Journey will continue over the summer months, and the families that signed up will have another opportunity to host Our Lady’s statue. I hope you will open your hearts to this beautiful opportunity!