PNO - Parents' Night Out

Continue to help the St. Juliana 8th graders with this fundraiser. Student travelers work throughout the school year raising funds to help cover the cost of their Washington D.C. trip.

A “Parents’ Night Out” (PNO) event is one of the ways. During a PNO children can be dropped off in the Parish Center on Saturday, January 19th beginning at 6:00pm

and picked up any time before 10:00pm.

Children enjoy their choice of indoor play, games, books, food, and a movie
while parents enjoy an evening to do whatever

they need to do.
Children are played with and supervised by 8
th grade babysitters and on-duty parents.
This is open to all Parish and School families.

What does this cost? Donations will be graciously accepted. There is no set fee — contribute what you are able to and know your children will be well cared for while you go about your activities.

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