School Board » St. Juliana Consultative School Board: (JCSB)

St. Juliana Consultative School Board: (JCSB)

St. Juliana Consultative School Board: (JCSB)


St. Juliana Consultative School Board serves to assist the Pastor and the Principal in maintaining the vitality of the school.



What is the mission of the JCSB?

            St. Juliana Consultative School Board shares the vision of the Parish, the mission of the school, and the Charism of the Servites, and is rooted in the Catholic values and Catholic traditions in education.


Why do we have a JCSB?

            The formation of the Juliana Consultative School Board came about in response to a strong recommendation by WASC in (year) (The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges) that our school have a consultative school board to support the longevity of the school, and the goals/objectives of the Principal and Pastor with regard to the future of the school.


Who serves on the JCSB?

            In addition to the Principal and the Pastor, the JCSB is comprised of parishioners, alumni, community members, and parents (no more than 3).


How is the JCSB different from the Parent Club?
            While both organizations are in existence to support the school, the mission statements define the differences:
  • JCSB supports the vitality of the school for longevity
  • Parent Club supports the school through fundraising efforts each year, to assist with certain adjunct expenses, and to help to keep tuition costs down.
Both organizations report to, and make decisions for the school under the direction of the Principal and the Pastor.

2017-18 School Board Members:

Chairperson: Vickie DeArmey  

Vice-Chairperson: Kim Thiede  

Secretary: Mike Aquino 

Finance Committee: Ceylon Lambert  

Facilities: Jim Steinbergs  

Public Relations: Holland Enke  

Parent Club Liaison: Nicole Murillo  

Development: Curtis Wesseln  


* Interested parties may submit a letter of interest to Mr. Gonzales in the school office or by email