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Car Pool (Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures)

Use only the main parking lot for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.
Please pay attention and follow the traffic directions given by the teachers on duty.
Do not use cell phones during carpool.

For the safety of your children, do not discharge or pick-up students on Melody Lane, Acacia Avenue, Fullerton Creek Road, or the faculty parking lot. Families may park on Melody Lane and walk students to school along the church. Parents needing to park for scrip purchase, volunteering, deliveries, etc. are asked to follow the carpool procedure to drop-off their child before parking. In the morning, school parking is not allowed along the church in the parking lot due to 8:00 a.m. Mass. Additionally, there is no parking in the stalls marked “R” since those are designated for Rosary High School students.

Please follow these procedures as established in cooperation with the Fullerton Police Department:

Morning Drop-off:

  • Traffic control personnel direct drivers to proceed around the perimeter of the parking lot of the drop-off area or to waiting area.

  • Only when your vehicle has stopped along the perimeter may students exit on the passenger side of the vehicle.

  • Students walk to their classroom along the designated pathways keeping away from the flow of traffic.

  • To exit drop-off, please stay in a single lane. Never go around the vehicle in front of you unless directed by traffic personnel.

  • Students arriving after the second bell (7:40 a.m.) are considered tardy. Afternoon Pick-up (2:40 p.m.)

  • When called, walkers leave via the school office to Acacia or via the fire gate at the upper playground to Fullerton Creek.

  • Name placards must be clearly displaced on the driver’s side dashboard upon entering carpool area.

  • Cars form rows by parking in designated aisles or stalls.

  • Turn off engine and remain in your vehicle until directed to proceed


  • Sixth grade safety monitors will assist students to their cars.

  • Students may only walk to parked cars with permission.

  • Late students will be called again and drivers will be directed to park in front of the Parish Center.

  • Any student who has not been picked up by 3:00 p.m. will be sent to Extended Care.

  • Students who have requested permission to be dismissed to Rosary siblings will wait in the area designated by the carpool supervisor until their sibling arrives.