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Safe Environment

1. Please contact Vicki Delaney at 714-879-1965 or [email protected].
The Diocese of Orange has mandated that any adults who have contact with minors must meet certain requirements for the safety of our children and youth.  These requirements apply to all teachers, staff and parents, relatives or others who volunteer at the school and have contact with children.  Examples would be yard duty volunteers, field trip chaperones, classroom helpers, library, coaching sports teams, etc.  Here are requirements that must be met.


Safe Environment Training (SET) Course & Policy Against Sexual Misconduct (PASM) - please complete this course and bring your certificate of completion into the school office.  This course will need to be repeated every 3 years. The course is called "Safe Environment Training". Upon completion of this course, you will be prompted to read and acknowledge the PASM. Once completed, your certificate will be ready for download. Please bring the certificate to the school office and we will forward to Vicki Delaney.

Parents who choose not to complete the above steps will not be allowed to participate in any activities that involve St. Juliana School students.