SCRIP PROGRAM COMMITMENT: Profit of $200.00/Family


Scrip Commitment: Each family must read and sign the Scrip Program Policies and Procedures that outlines St. Juliana School’s Scrip Program. The Scrip Program Agreement must also be signed to indicate how the excess scrip income above the required $200.00 profit will be used by the family. Participating families will be required to earn $200.00 profit through purchasing scrip.


Scrip gives a profit from 2% to 24% depending upon which store or restaurant is purchased.  Each family must purchase enough scrip so that the family’s yearly PROFIT amounts to $200.00.  All families must complete the scrip information and participation forms.   Families not wanting to participate in the scrip program must pay the $300.00 buyout fee.

Have you signed up on yet?  Contact St. Juliana Scrip office for Enrollment Code (714) 869-3838.

Scrip form available to download below.