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About Accelerated Reader


Information about the  St. Juliana School Accelerated Reading Program


The Accelerated Reading Program is designed to assist students with reading comprehension and inspire the joy of reading.  Students are encouraged to read books they find interesting at a level that makes reading enjoyable.  This is not a competitive program.


  • This program is utilized by 2nd– 8th Grades.  The Accelerated Reader quiz link is available on our St. Juliana School website.
  • The library is open at recess, and lunch.  Students may also take quizzes during their weekly library time.
  • Students may only take an AR quiz once. 
  • When taking a quiz, students may not talk to or assist another student in any way.
  • Students must read the book (audiobooks are acceptable). Students may not take a quiz from crib/clif notes or from watching a movie/television show. Students may not take a quiz for another student.   A student caught cheating will be disciplined accordingly.  
  • School faculty sets the classroom point levels.
  • Points roll over from trimester to trimester, but not yearly.
  • Dictionaries are available for students to look up words while taking a quiz.
  • If you would like to challenge your child, longer books are best at the beginning of a trimester, and shorter books toward the end of a trimester.
  • Parents may use books from a public library, their own books, etc.  Please check the online list ( to make sure we own the quiz.
  • It is NOT mandatory for a student to take a quiz during their library time.  We would like the student(s) to become responsible quiz takers.  
  • Books in the school library are by Interest Level (see information below in bold).  


  • Renaissance Home Connect-Link is available on the school library website.  This site allows parent/guardian to access their students progress, points, and books.

We encourage students to choose a book they are interested in reading, not to choose by grade level or points.  

Students should choose a book in their interest level: LG K-3, MG 3-8 or UG 7-12.  Please remember this is a K- 8th grade library and we have many levels of books.  The books are labeled and filed by “Interest Level.”  There are many UG/Young Adult books with a book level of 3.5, but this does NOT make it appropriate for a 3rd grader.  Please use caution when you are choosing a book with your child. 

Students must have a signed permission slip to check out St. Juliana Library teen/young adult books.  The forms may be downloaded from our library website.