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Volunteer/Fundraiser Commitments

Service Commitment:  Each family is required to complete forty (40) hours of service.  Parents may count one (1) volunteer hour for attendance at Parent Club meetings.  Of these forty (40) hours, four hours each must be completed for the Falcon Gala Auction and six hours must be completed for the Fish Fry.  Falcon Gala Auction hours and Fish Fry hours not completed will be assessed at $25.00 per hour.  All other unearned hours will be assessed at $10.00 per hour.  The buyout for this commitment will be $500.00.  Student volunteer hours are not equivalent to parent volunteer hours.


Fundraiser Commitment:  The ability of the school to cover the difference between the tuition rate and the actual cost per child is based on the determination of the school community to maintain a successful fundraising program.  Every family is expected to fulfill their commitment by supporting various school fundraisers.

  1. Gift Wrap—a once a year sales campaign in September.
  2. Festival—a once a year, three-day event that provides significant support to the parish.
  3. Falcon Gala Auction—a once a year event that provides a significant profit for the school.  Participation is required for this event in the form of four (4) volunteer hours and a minimum donation of $50.00 towards an auction item.
  4. Fish Fry—During the Fridays of Lent, Parent Club holds a fish fry dinner for the parish.  Participation is required for this event in the form of six (6) volunteer hours. A total of one volunteer hour will be allowed for the donation of baked goods.
  5. Golf Tournament—a once a year event that takes place in the spring.
  6. Others—various opportunities are presented throughout the year that invite student and family participation.