Design. Photograph. Edit. Create a keepsake.

Yearbook Class:
  •  Every year, our 8th-grade class manages this project during their Yearbook/Journalism class. The goal is to create a 96-page yearbook for our entire TK thru 8th-grade student body. A treasure that most students will keep for their entire lives, our yearbook is a photo album, a piece of journalism, a keepsake and a historical document.
  •  Our 8th-grade students learn and practice skills involving visual design, photography, writing and project management. Students can grow into leadership positions in which they oversee the production of the book and gain experience in supervising their peers.
Yearbook Sales:
  •  Yearbook pre-sales take place during "Spring Registration". Please contact Ms. Palos if you are unsure whether you have already pre-purchased a book for the current school year.
  •  A final yearbook sale will take place in February of each school year. 
  •  Please note: All books MUST be pre-purchased as we will not have any additional books available for sale during yearbook distribution.
Yearbook Ads:
  •  Yearbook Ads can be purchased in the Fall of each school year.  First priority is given to our 8th-grade class.  Any ad spaces remaining are then made available to the rest of our school community.
  •  Ad sizes available are either quarter page (1/4) or half-page (1/2).  Spaces are limited to half-page per student unless spaces still remain at the end of the sale.
  •  All ad information (photos & messages) must be submitted online directly through Jostens Yearbook, the company we partner with to create and publish our book. Payments are also made directly through their website.  
  •  Unless submitting a pre-designed ad, final ad design creation is made by Ms. Palos after the ad is purchased, the layout is chosen and photos and messages have been submitted online.
Yearbook Theme Reveal & Distribution:
  •  Our yearbook theme unveiling takes place at a school-wide assembly the 2nd to the last week of the school year.  It is at this time that our yearbook staff also announces the yearbook dedication recipient. 
  •  Traditionally, our 8th-grade students receive their books first, at either the yearbook assembly or at the 8th-grade luncheon.
  •  Students in grades TK through 7th-grade receive their books the following day.