When a student is absent from school, a parent must call the office by 8:00 a.m. each day of the absence.  If the office does not receive a call, a parent will be contacted. Homework will be available online and on the teacher website. Homework is posted each day after 3:00 p.m.


Students must be fever free for 24 hours and symptom free before returning to school. If the child is experiencing common symptoms, i.e. allergies or asthma, the office should be notified. If the child has been diagnosed with a contagious disease, i.e. streptococcus, kindly notify the school office so that precautions can be taken. (PLEASE SEE SPECIFIC INFORMATION REGARDING COVID-19 ON THE ST. JULIANA SCHOOL WEBSITE.)


A written statement giving reasons for the absence must be brought to the student’s teacher upon the student’s return.  The teacher will retain these notes/letters for one year.  In the case of absence for any reason other than illness, parents must consult with the school office and present a written reason for the absence.  


An uninterrupted learning process is vital.  Therefore, parents are encouraged to schedule trips or family outings during school holidays. Please check the CDPH or OCHCA websites regarding travel precautions. Students are responsible for the completion of missed assignments. If a student is absent the day before a scheduled test for a non-illness related activity, the student is required to take the scheduled test upon return to school.


Students who are absent due to illness have one day for each day of absence to make up the missed assignments, quizzes, or tests.  For example, a student who was absent three days would be given three school days to complete the missed work.  Arrangements for regular classroom tests missed because of an absence are to be made with the individual classroom teachers.  These tests must be taken within one week of the original test date.


Teachers are not required to give homework in advance for scheduled vacations.  Students should meet with their teachers prior to vacation and immediately upon return to schedule make-up dates.  It is the student’s responsibility to make-up all missed work as scheduled. Students may obtain all homework information on each teacher’s webpage. Please note that time allowance for missed work for vacation absence is not equivalent to time considerations for absences due to illness.


Excessive absences or tardies, even if necessary and excused, may be grounds for decreased credit or disciplinary action.  Excessive absence is considered 10 days per trimester or 30 days per school year.


Absence During the School Day

Students with medical appointments during school hours require a written note by the parent.  Medical appointments are considered absences unless the child brings a release from the medical office authenticating the appointment upon return to school.  Parents are required to sign out their child.  If the child returns to school during the same school day, he/she must check in at the school office upon return. Students who are away from school for an appointment for 3½ hours or more will be counted as absent for ½ a day. 


If a student does not attend school or arrive by 10:00 a.m. (for half days) and 11:00 a.m. (for full days) on the day of a performance, after school sports game, or activity, the student is ineligible to participate in either activity or attend Extended Day Care.